Thursday, May 16: Bristol's Geese Problem; Connecticut State Police Col. Daniel Loughman; Red Lobster

May 16, 05:18 PM

The town of Bristol held another meeting to discuss the ongoing geese situation at Veterans Memorial Park, and Chaz & AJ had ideas on how to expedite a resolution. (0:00)

The new leader of the Connecticut State Police, Colonel Daniel Loughman, was in-studio to talk about his new role and take calls from the Tribe about their interactions with State Troopers.  Comedian Vince Berry was also in-studio, on his best behavior. (16:09)

Red Lobster is closing many locations, and Chaz & AJ reminisced about restaurants, commercials and jingles that have all gone away. (32:09)

Adaptive Athlete Anthony Picchione spoke about his motocross career and how he was able to come back from paralytic injury and resume competing, and give information on the upcoming Gaylord Gauntlet event. (43:58)