TARNo1 // Provisions

May 17, 11:44 AM

Welcome to The Accursed Race. Lost Dot's no-fly, off-road, fixed route race in the Balkans.

In this episode we catch up with all riders in the Pairs pursuit, including hearing from fun-loving leading Pairs riders Julien Gravaud (40a) and Simon Taulelle (40b). Current fastest woman Weronika Szalas (08) tells us of her bear tracks sighting and TAR Race Reporters walk us through the developments out on course and interviews with more riders including front runners Alex Kopp (27) and Adrien Liechti (12). A dog bite incident is handled by Race Organisers and the TAR Race Medic. 

This episode ends with a special ‘5 minutes with…’ segment brought to you by komoot as we interview komoot Global Community Manager Jonathan Kambskard-Bennett.

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Produced by Iain Broome.