TARNo1 // Persistence

May 18, 01:25 PM

Welcome to The Accursed Race. Lost Dot's no-fly, off-road, fixed route race in the Balkans.

Join us as we unpack this crucial mid point in the Race, and the front of the pack fly through CP1 in Berene on the fourth day of The Accursed. Tune in to hear from Josh Ibbett (29) as he moves through the Control Point, and a CP Volunteer sets the scene for us on the ground. Leading Pairs riders Julien Gravaud (40a) and Simon Taulelle (40b) are continuing to stay stocked up on good vibes, and current fastest woman, Weronika Szalas (08), continues to press on in fifth place overall.

This episode ends with a special ‘5 minutes with…’ segment brought to you by Albion as we interview Albion ambassador and  producer of the Detours podcast, Mel Webb.

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TARNo1 tracking and coverage here: https://www.lostdot.cc/race/tarno1

Produced by Iain Broome.