TARNo1 // Pursuits

May 19, 02:47 PM

Welcome to The Accursed Race. Lost Dot's no-fly, off-road, fixed route race in the Balkans.

Join us for episode six as we get closer to the action and examine the impressively close race unfolding between Adrien Liechti (12) and Alex Kopp (27), who, until now, has held the leading position. Dive into the strategic dynamics of racing in Pairs, and personal challenges faced by the competitors, including mechanical issues and the physical toll of the Race. The episode emphasises the importance of the Media Team remaining discrete to preserve the natural experience for the racers, and underscores the Race's ethos of self-support. 

This episode ends with a special ‘5 minutes with…’ segment brought to yo by Peak Design, as we interview Peak Design ambassador Boru McCullagh while on his tour around the world, currently in mid Australia.

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Produced by Iain Broome.