TARNo1 // Animals

May 20, 02:25 PM

Welcome to The Accursed Race. Lost Dot's no-fly, off-road, fixed route race in the Balkans.

Come along for the ride as we recap the events leading up to Alex Kopp's (27) strong TAR win. With one Control Car covering the story at the front as it unfolds, and the other back near CP2 getting the scoop. Race Director Andrew also catches up with an old friend along the way. Catch the sounds and voices of the Race from different angles in this day six episode. 

This episode ends with a special ‘5 minutes with…’ segment brought to you by Race partner Quirk Cycles and none other than Rob Quirk himself. We discuss what makes a bike a good choice for a race like The Accursed, and how he's found dot-watching the Race.

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Produced by Iain Broome.