The Devil's Tramping Grounds & The Wampus Cat

Episode 53,   May 20, 02:57 PM

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The Devil's Tramping Ground is a mysterious site located in Chatham County, North Carolina. It is a circular patch of barren land about 40 feet in diameter where, according to local legend, nothing ever grows. The area is infamous for its eerie reputation, and numerous legends surround it.

The legend of the Wampus Cat is a folklore story rooted in the Appalachian region and the southeastern United States. The Wampus Cat is often described as a fearsome, half-woman, half-cat creature with glowing eyes and a haunting presence.

The Wampus Cat is often depicted as a protector of the forests and the natural world, sometimes as a vengeful spirit, and other times as a tragic figure cursed by her own curiosity or desire for vengeance. Sightings and tales of the Wampus Cat continue to be part of the local lore, inspiring fear and fascination in equal measure.