OC SPOTLIGHT: Dominion Harbor Group on Hidden Value of IP Sales and Licensing

May 20, 06:36 PM

 David Pridham founder and CEO of Dominion Harbor Group (www.dominionharbor.com) and his partner Brad Sheafe join us to discuss the hidden value locked in many companies unused Intellectual Property (IP) holdings for companies like Avaya, Kodak, NEC and others. Patents they've developed or acquired (but are not presently using). 

And how Dominion Harbor Group helps sell or license this unused treasure trove of IP and Patents (generating close to $1 Billion in Additional Revenue for their clients).  In some cases even acquiring the portfolio of these unused assets themselves. After using their exclusive, proprietary AI program called IPEDIA, a data-driven IP analytic platform which provides actionable intelligence for IP decision-making. 

With IPedia, Dominion has developed an unrivaled capacity to quickly and accurately analyze patent portfolios of all sizes, not only for intrinsic quality but for real-world commercial value. 

Learn more about the hidden gold that may be locked up in your company's IP vault.  As we talk with the "IP experts other experts call".  On this special edition of our OC SPOTLIGHT here on OC TALK RADIO. Orange County's only business channel, streaming live from our studios here at the University of California Irvine's Beall Applied Innovation Center.  #IP #intellectualproperty #patents #octalkradio #ucicove #innovation