The Big Boo Cast, Episode 391

May 23, 01:00 AM

This week Melanie listens patiently as I lament the projected college baseball regionals, and I listen with my mouth hanging open as Melanie shares a specific request P had for this past Friday's trash pick-up (no doubt, however, that it was certainly on-brand). In addition to those things, we discuss our shoe organization and the new season of Bridgerton.

Of course there's a kitchen / house update, and it's Melanie's turn for Five Favorites.

Hope you enjoy! 

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Show Notes:
- A&M women's tennis team wins national championship
- predicted regionals for D1 college baseball
- Dudy Noble field
- Ryan Targac's pitch hit 
- Sophie's shoe organizer
- sliding trays that go underneath your coffee pot
- Bridgerton season 3
- ten shelf organizer for shoes
- Free People Crafted cargo pants
- AE Dreamy Drape cargo jeans in white
- "Amen" by Rita Springer (and here's the link to Rita Springer's podcast)
- AE Slouchy House oversized t-shirt

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