One For The Road with Scott Snyder

Episode 232,   May 22, 08:00 AM

Comic book legend and longtime Stephen King super fan Scott Snyder (The Court of Owls Batman arc, American Vampire, Swamp Thing) joins Wampler and Vespe for a lengthy chat about why King is such a gripping writer, with a particular focus on the author's tale of vampire horror, One For The Road. Snyder collaborated with King on the comic book American Vampire and also has tales that encourage us all to actually meet our heroes.

One For Road is Stephen King's short story sequel to 'Salem's Lot in which a family man runs out of gas in the middle of a snowstorm, leaves his family in the car while he goes to look for help, and then wanders into a bar where the locals pretty much tell him he broke down in the wrong place and there are vampires around. Scary, tense, and with a final couple of pages that will stick with you long after reading.