Ep. 121: The Punisher featuring Justin Grams

May 22, 05:12 AM

Marc's Miserable MARVELous May II continues with 1989's THE PUNISHER! For this Dolph Lundgren classic, we brought out the big guns with our friend and New World Super Fan Justin Grams! Will Marc withstand the very first Punisher comic book adaptation? Will he finally like a Marvel movie? Anything can happen when you combine producer Robert Mark Kamen (KARATE KID/THE TRANSPORTER) and director Mark Goldblatt (DEAD HEAT)! Justin, Ryan, and Erica will try to keep him entertained with a possible Punisher musical, the lowdown on New World Pictures (Australia) and all the deleted footage from the workprint,, and the ultimate cure for sewer throat! But will he be able to look past the "American accents" of the Australian actors? Listen to find out!