OFFAL SPECIAL - Flora Phillips - Why She Left Selling Fine Art To Champion Offal & The Terrifying Sides Of Being A Female Butcher!

Episode 22,   May 23, 04:15 AM

Today we're joined by a real rock 'n' roller in Flora Phillips aka Floffal who quit her job as a fine art dealer to retrain as a butcher in order to pursue her calling as the 'saviour of offal'. Flora has taken over the mantle from Fergus Henderson to become known as the figurehead of championing offal in this country and her 'Floffal' supper clubs and soon to be residencies in London celebrate offal in all its forms from Pickled Tripe to Chocolate & Pigs Blood Cake. In this incredible interview Flora opens up about why she left the art world, the terrifying abuse you receive as a female butcher, her favourite offal dishes, why she thinks St John's has gone 'PG' with their offering, her dishes which have gone wrong (including a pigs blood cocktail), eating an urban fox for supper, her plans for what would surely be London's coolest new food venue and much more, plus of course we uncover her 'Go-To's! 
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Please go sample Flora's food this Sunday in Camberwell at Veraison Wines from 12.30 and give her a follow on instagram to stay upto date with everything - @floffal