Mary Day - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow & Back Again????

Episode 27,   May 24, 11:00 AM

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Music Credits: Rajat Tiwari; Private Hell Productions

Mary Louise Day disappeared from her abusive home in July of 1981.  Did she run away? Was she murdered by her step-dad?  Twenty-two years later they may have found her... or not...

Brown, Jerry. (2021, February 2). The bizarre disappearance and reappearance of Mary Day investigated on 48 Hours on ID. Daily Crime.

Stevenson, Chuck. (2023, December 24). Detective thought teen Mary day was murdered. So who was the woman claiming to be her decades later?. CBS News.

Mahar, Maureen. (2023, December 24). Could a suspected murder victim – back from the dead – really be an imposter?. CBS News.

Sharp, Rachel. (2020, May 6). Facial recognition analysis of lost photo finally proves to sister that woman she thought was an imposter is really her sibling Mary Day who went missing aged 13 – but cops still think their dad killed her.