Apple’s New Flagship: iPhone 17 Slim?

Episode 102,   May 24, 01:56 PM

On this week’s episode of The MacRumors Show, we discuss Apple’s new iPad Air and iPad Pro models, the latest rumors about an all new iPhone 17 “Slim” model, and the newly announced Sonos Ace over-ear headphones.

We talk through first impressions of the new ‌iPad Air‌ and ‌iPad Pro‌ models, including their pricing and the state of the iPad lineup as a whole, giving attention to the reduced price of the tenth-generation ‌iPad‌, which now costs just $349, which is $250 less than the starting price of the ‌iPad Air‌. We also examine the recent wave of rumors about the ‌iPhone‌ 17 “Slim,” an all-new ‌iPhone‌ model expected to sit above the ‌iPhone‌ 17 Pro and ‌iPhone‌ 17 Pro Max in Apple’s 2025 smartphone lineup with a higher price tag.

The device will reportedly feature a 6.55-inch display, a significantly thinner design with an aluminum chassis, an “A19” chip, 8GB of RAM, a rear camera array relocated to the center, a 24-megapixel front camera, and a 48-megapixel telephoto camera. Simultaneously, Apple is expected to discontinue its “Plus” model to make way for the “Slim,” although it may not actually be called this when it debuts in the fall of next year. Meanwhile, Sonos just announced its "Ace" over-ear headphones with active noise cancelation, soundbar integration, a more lightweight design, and longer battery life, so we look at how they compare to the AirPods Max

00:00 - iPad Pro Thoughts & Ad Controversy 
28:06 - iPhone 17 Slim???
44:41 - Sonos Ace: AirPods Max Killer?