Tuesday May 28, 2024: Welcome Chef Plum; Your Personal Chef; Spoilers

May 28, 01:55 PM

Raven is on vacation this week, but Anna has brought in a special guest to help her out!

What’s the hardest part about parenting twins? Anna’s guest host this week is Check Plum, and he’s not just an Emmy-nominated chef, he’s also a twin dad!

Chef Plum has worked in restaurants and on TV but he’s also been a personal chef to the stars! He won’t spill the beans on who he’s worked for, but he WILL give you some great recipes with just random stuff in your kitchen!

How long should you wait before talking about spoilers of popular shows? Anna got herself in trouble on Friday and may have lost a long-time listener!

Are you up to date on this week’s biggest news stories? Anna will get you caught up on what’s trending, including the celebrity who got snubbed by Chanel!

Kids can say some creepy and ominous things sometimes, and it usually just means they had a bad dream. But something happened in Anna’s house last night and now she’s terrified!

Rachel isn’t happy that her husband, Kevin, is his buddy’s wingman. He goes to the bar with his best friend, and helps him pick up girls. Rachel thinks it’s obnoxious for a married man to do this. Kevin argues that his friend is socially awkward and he’s just helping him out! What do you think?

Do you want a beautiful new blender? Play “Head’s Up” with Anna and Chef Plum for your chance to win!