Christopher Priest

Episode 63,   May 29, 08:30 AM

Episode 63 with Christopher Priest

This month’s episode is our chat with the late Christopher Priest, who sadly passed away on 2nd February 2024.

In what will have been one of his last interviews, we spoke to Christopher on 3rd November 2023, where he talked us through his development as a writer, his skepticism about using notebooks, dealing with dreadful editors,  not writing for nine years, and how writing is like walking to Doncaster.

Christopher was a hugely acclaimed writer, and having written for nearly 60 years, his work spanned a vast universe, from hard science fiction to high profile Hollywood film adaptation by Christopher Nolan. His works include The Affirmation, Fugue for a Darkening Island, The Inverted World, The Glamour, The Prestige, and The Separation.

It was an honour to get to speak to Christopher. For those interested in his writing, his website is still online, containing a treasure trove of articles, links to all his works and his thoughts on a range of subjects:

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