170. More Than Money:  Diving into all things Reality TV & Pop Culture with Zachary Reality! 

May 30, 09:00 AM

This week, Jason is joined by social media personality, entertainment news host, and reality TV expert, Zachary Weinberg aka Zachary Reality!

Zachary and Jason dive into all things reality TV, starting with the Bachelor franchise and where Zachary provides his overall thoughts about where Bachelor Nation is heading. Zachary gives insight to how we are currently in the era of crossover TV, which shows he thinks is the hottest, rapid fire rating of current reality TV shows, how he feels about other reality TV content creators, what he loves about content creation and how he got started, and his best advice! 

It’s an episode you can’t afford to miss! 

Host: Jason Tartick
Co-Host: David Arduin
Audio: John Gurney
Guest: Zachary Reality

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