Conspiracy in Canton - 016

Season 2, Episode 16,   May 30, 04:53 AM

This week we cover the testimony of Matt and Jen McCabe, including some heated exchanges in the cross examinations. Jen McCabe details to the jury the harassment she has faced, Kerry Roberts testifies about the morning she found John O'Keefe in the snow, and we hear from the Sullivan sisters about an argument in Aruba on New Years Eve. 

It's one of the most polarizing cases in true crime history, and trial is underway. A 16 year veteran of the Boston Police Department, left to die in one of the biggest blizzards in Massachusetts history. Prosecution has charged his girlfriend, 42 year old Karen Read, with his murder, claiming she hit him with her car during a fight and left him to die in the cold. The defense says Read is being framed, set up to take the fall by one of the most powerful families in this Boston suburb- all to protect one of their own.

There are discrepancies in statements, missing camera footage, and deep family ties to everyone from the lead investigator to the attorney general’s office, to the judge. With every new piece of evidence, a new controversy arises.

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