Her Kidnapping Story Was So Crazy Police Refused To Believe It: Denise Huskins & Aaron Quinn Case

Episode 300,   May 30, 09:30 AM

Denise Huskins was staying at her boyfriend Aaron Quinn’s house on Mare Island in Vallejo, California, on the night of March 23rd, 2015. At 3:04 AM, kidnappers woke up the couple with blinding lights and forced them to take sedatives. The kidnappers said the intended target was Aaron’s ex-fiance but still took Denise to an undisclosed location. What followed was 48 hours in which cops relentlessly questioned Aaron and pushed all suspicions towards him. However, Denise was released to her hometown 400 miles away two days later. Then, police blamed Denise for faking her kidnapping, and the media called her the real-life Gone Girl after the film that came out the year before. Luckily, one police officer believed Denise and was able to find the perpetrator. Still, questions remained: why was Andrea targeted, was there anyone else involved, and why did cops jump so quickly to blame the couple for the crime they were victims of?

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Intro and New Merch 0:00
Denise Huskins early life 6:08
Meeting Aaron Quinn 10:22
The night of the kidnapping 16:22
Aaron goes to the police 20:35
Enter Detective Matt Mustard 23:11
The first of MANY Police failures 31:43
Gone Girl 41:20
Denise is found 43:42
The Police cry "hoax"  52:22
Matthew Muller Suspected 1:09:21
Misty Caruso, the one good cop 1:13:31
The unsettling intelligence of Muller 1:16:41
Sentencing and Thoughts on Muller 1:22:49
Fallout, lawsuits and consequences 1:30:45
Theory discussion; did Matthew work alone? 1:32:55
Final Thoughts and outro 1:45:04

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