Story 1: Murphy Siblings Purchase Jeffries Manor

Episode 1,   Jun 01, 12:20 PM

The lives of Jasper and Olivia Murphy take an unexpected turn when a trip to Tasmania leads them to the doorstep of the mysterious Jeffries Manor. Intrigued by the estate's dark history and the secrets that lie within, Jasper and Olivia meet Suzie Fisher, a charismatic real estate agent who regales them with tales of the manor's mysterious past. Driven by their shared passion for uncovering the truth and their desire to start anew, the siblings make the impulsive decision to purchase Jeffries Manor. As they settle into their new roles as owners and begin to unravel the tangled web of clues left behind by previous inhabitants, Jasper and Olivia find themselves drawn into a world of hidden compartments, cryptic journals, and whispered secrets that hint at a larger, more sinister mystery. With each new discovery, the Murphys become increasingly determined to uncover the truth behind Jeffries Manor, setting the stage for a thrilling journey that will test their wits, their courage, and their unbreakable bond as they prepare to confront the darkness head on.

Story 1: Murphy Siblings Purchase Jeffries Manor
Episode Number: 1
Release Date: 1 June 2024

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