Transforming our approach to sustainable food manufacturing

Episode 510,   Jun 03, 05:00 AM

How can the food sector go about achieving its sustainability goals? It's a big question, but one that is increasingly pressing.

Sustainability has been a hot topic in the food sector for many years, and whilst consumers might try to make more sustainable choices, often it's the parts of the food production system they do not see that are the most energy intensive.

In this episode of the Food Matters Live podcast, made in partnership with Tetra Pak, we take a look at some of the solutions that could make a real difference.

The food industry is making great efforts to reduce things like CO2 emissions and water wastage, but it is a big challenges, and most would agree that it requires a joined-up, cohesive effort to really make the changes needed.

One of the answers for food manufacturers could be Tetra Pak's new Factory Sustainable Solutions.

It is all about moving away from a piecemeal approach to sustainability, looking at a factory's sustainability credentials as a whole.

In this episode we find out more about how it works, who it is appropriate for, and where the biggest wins might be.

Nicole Uvenbeck, Director of Factory Sustainable Solutions, Tetra Pak