So, You Want to be a Cardiac Surgeon?: Training Paradigms

Jun 03, 07:00 AM

Interested in cardiac surgery? The training paradigm for cardiac surgery has changed significantly over the past decade and we know may students often struggle when deciding what pathway is best for them. For this episode, we assembled a robust team of attendings, fellows, and residents to discuss their journey as well as some of the research that has been conducted about these different pathways to help guide students navigating this decision. 

- Jessica Millar, MD- PGY-5 General Surgery Resident, University of Michigan, @Jess_Millar15

- Nick Teman, MD- Assistant Professor of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, University of Virginia, @nickteman

- Jolian Dahl, MD, MSc- Integrated Thoracic Surgery Resident (PGY-6), University of Virginia, @JolianDahl

- Lyndsey Wessels, MD- Traditional Thoracic Surgery Resident (CT-1), University of Virginia, @LyndseyWessels 

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