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Episode 204,   Jun 08, 07:00 PM

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Join Katie Rubin and Cassidy Brown in this introspective episode of All The Answers as they dive deep into the intricacies of vulnerability, personal growth, and the subtle energies that influence our daily lives. Cassidy opens up about his recent struggles with a sense of embarrassment and self-judgment, revealing how these feelings have impacted his ability to fully engage with life. Katie guides him through a profound exploration of these emotions, offering insights into the importance of acknowledging and working through our defenses.

The duo also touches on the effects of solar flares and how they can intensify our physical and emotional experiences. Katie shares her experiences with heightened sensitivity to these cosmic events and provides a broader understanding of how different people might react to them.

As the conversation unfolds, Cassidy and Katie discuss the significance of taking up space and living in one's power. They reflect on the societal and internal pressures that often lead us to diminish ourselves and the importance of choosing fulfillment and authenticity over obligation and external validation.

Tune in for an episode filled with deep insights, personal revelations, and practical advice on navigating the complexities of human existence. Whether you're seeking to understand your own emotional landscape or looking for ways to live more authentically, this episode offers valuable perspectives and encouragement.

(00:00) Welcome to that spiritual, actual, factual answers to questions you ask
(01:06) Beatboxing and reminiscing about a friend's comedic drum machine act
(04:13) Discussing the impact of solar flares and heightened sensitivity
(11:55) Exploring Cassidy's sense of embarrassment and self-judgment
(20:10) The importance of taking up space and living authentically
(32:20) Acknowledging the defenses that keep us from personal growth
(46:06) Katie's personal win: Choosing fulfillment over obligation
(54:40) The challenge of stepping into more of what we desire
(01:01:25) New listeners and a shout-out to recent supporters
(01:07:26) Encouragement to send in questions for the Akashic Records

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