Was Jen Soto Covering Up Maddie Soto's Abuse & Murder In Police Interview?

Jun 14, 09:00 PM

In the podcast 'Hidden Killers With Tony Brueski,' retired FBI Special Agent and Chief of the Counterintelligence Behavioral Analysis Program, Robin Dreeke, discussed the disturbing case of Maddie Soto, a 13-year-old girl allegedly murdered by Stephan Stearns, her mother's boyfriend. They reviewed body cam footage from the initial police response, highlighting the unusual calmness and scripted narrative of Maddie's mother, Jennifer. Dreeke noted that Jennifer's behavior, including deflecting potential leads and showing a lack of expected emotional distress, raised suspicions. Stearns' body language was also analyzed, indicating possible blocking behavior. Dreeke emphasized the importance of nonverbal cues and baseline behavior in such investigations. He speculated that Jennifer might be cooperating with authorities to uncover more about Stearns' possible involvement in sex trafficking and child pornography. Dreeke suggested that the investigation is thorough, potentially leading to more charges as new evidence emerges, particularly from Stearns' cell phone data.

Main Points
- **Case Overview**: Discussion on the murder of 13-year-old Maddie Soto, allegedly by Stefan Stearns.
- **Body Cam Footage**: Analysis of the initial police response, showing Jennifer Soto's unusual calmness and scripted narrative.
- **Behavioral Analysis**: Dreeke highlighted Jennifer's deflective behavior and lack of emotional distress as suspicious.
- **Stearns' Body Language**: Indications of blocking behavior, analyzed for further insights.
- **Nonverbal Cues**: Importance of nonverbal behavior and establishing a baseline in investigations.
- **Cooperation with Authorities**: Speculation on Jennifer's possible cooperation to uncover more about Stearns' alleged crimes.
- **Thorough Investigation**: Emphasis on the thoroughness of the investigation, with potential for more charges as new evidence, particularly from Stearns' cell phone, is uncovered.
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