Asking Psychotherapist Philippa Perry about Fesshole

Episode 2,   Jun 14, 02:00 PM

Why do people confess? Let's ask a proper grown up psychotherapist. It's all about art and wanking apparently.

The thing about Fesshole is people ask me why it exists and what it all means and i'm not sure I could tell you really. There are projects I've started where I've had clear objectives and there's something like Fesshole where it's more like I'm a sorcerer's apprentice, in that I knew I could get something like this to work, but it's not like I'm in control of it. I've made some kind of weird magic soup and I don't even know what effect it has on you or even me as the chef.

In this episode I talk to Philippa Perry. As an aside she suggested something: that maybe these inexplicable impulses are art.

Is Fesshole art? Well not intentionally, for me it's craft and comedy. I know how to run user generated projects - and I like jokes. HOWEVER I am not the audience, for you it might be something else: an insight into human nature, or maybe just a reason to never speak to men again.

But the best thing about this episode is Philippa Perry laughing and encouraging us to carry on.

And here's the rudest ones I read out to Philip and what a good sport she was for not ending the recording there and then:

"Met a girl in a bar in Dublin. Went outside in the alley to get it on. She thought it was 'hot' that I wasn't wearing underwear. Didn't have the heart to tell her I'd discarded my pants when I shat them in a farting competition 30 minutes previously."

"For 10 years my husband has wanted me to poo on him in bed. I've always said no because I think it's disgusting. About two weeks ago, I gave in and did it. It was completely disgusting, he looked repulsed, barely touched it and neither of us has mentioned it since."

"Standing naked in the bathroom, about to get in the shower, I had a fart brewing in front of my wife. To put on a show I squatted to let it out in all its glory and shat on the bath mat. 5 years later I'm getting divorced, can't help but feel this incident may have caused it."

"After sex I place a single tissue over my knob to make it look like a little ghost. I shout 'woooo' at my girlfriend and twitch it about. She says she's going to leave me if I do it again. I'm going to to it again."

"I heard my neighbour moaning one morning and had a wank listening to her. Found out later she was out and it was a pigeon."

"Probably the lowest point of the early years after my divorce was me in the kitchen at 11pm, drinking whisky, some meatballs cooking in the deep fat fryer, having a wank straight into the kitchen bin."

Producer: Will Fitzpatrick