Tuesday June 11, 2024: Car Custody; Dad’s Catchphrase; Chore Distribution

Jun 11, 03:32 PM

Summertime is all about carnivals and other outdoor fun! But Anna read a shocking story about an escaped bull at a rodeo…

Is there a household chore that you won’t let anyone else do? Anna’s husband does most of the dishes, and Raven is very particular about what jobs he does around the house!

 AI is scary, but can it out-write a human songwriter? Anna enlisted Producer Jon to go head to head with the robots in a Graduation song-writing contest!

Telling a good Dad Joke is an art, and Anna’s husband Paul is the master! Raven, Producer Jon and Producer Sean all came up with their best dad joke and Paul judged which was best!

Divorce can be tough and many people are predicting that it may be happening to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez! Anna asked Raven and Producer Jon to tell some stories from their respective divorces and see if Ben and Jen are going through anything similar!

Does your Dad have a catchphrase? Anna’s dad has multiple different ways to call people lazy!

Is it odd to split a car with your spouse? Anna and her husband split their family cars evenly and Raven thinks it’s bizarre!

Rob and Dana have a neighbor that's constantly outside in his underwear. He even comes over to talk to Rob in his boxers when Rob is working on the lawn. Dana says it's the most obnoxious thing and wants Rob to say something to him about it. Rob says he's European and how does he say something and not make it awkward? He's not naked, he can walk around shirtless and with boxers if he wants. What do you think?

Jake has got a shot at $4500! All he has to do is beat Raven in pop culture trivia!