"BEan Yourself" Podcast. Andres Citron. 6-12-24 Intro Episode

Episode 7642,   Jun 12, 01:08 PM

Welcome to the BEan Yourself podcast. In this introduction episode, you'll hear from your host, Andrés Cintrón, as he discusses how the podcast came to be and provides some insight about himself. The BEan Yourself podcast focuses on exploring our many intertwined identities focusing on topics such as race, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, politics, music, food, education, and many more. Andrés will interview new guests in every episode and discuss their experiences within a certain identity topic as they enjoy a cup of coffee.
About Andrés Citron Andrés considers himself an educator at heart and works full-time at the University of South Florida St. Pete as a Career Counselor for the Muma College of Business, and has been in the Higher Education field since 2017.  Andrés earned a Masters in Counseling in 2019. Andrés is also the current President of the 13th Street Heights Neighborhood Association, the new CONA Public Safety Chair, and a recent graduate of the CONA Leadership Program. Andrés has been a resident of St. Pete since Aug 2023. Andrés enjoys engaging with others in deep conversations that foster understanding and growth and believes that in order to foster deeper relationships as human beings, we need to listen and understand each other's perspectives and lived experiences. Throughout his career, Andrés has had the opportunity to meet with an array of professionals, students, and community partners. Andrés decided to start the BEan Yourself podcast to provide others the opportunity to voice themselves with the hopes of learning from others' own lived experiences and identities as well as with the hopes of educating others. Follow him on www.facebook.com/beanyourself. IG:bean.yourself  #andrescintron #CONA #downtownstpete #13thstreetheightsneighborhoodassociation #usfstpete #mumacollegeofbusiness #business #beanyourself #tampabay #radio #radiostpete