Wednesday June 12, 2024: Graduate Advice; Dad Advice; Wellness Wednesday

Jun 12, 01:57 PM

What is the catchphrase your dad would always say to you that you'll always remember?

Anna had a weird run in with a delivery driver. Would you let a total stranger use your Wi-Fi if they delivered a package to you?

What's the best advice your father has ever given you? Most dads will tell you the Golden Rule, but Anna wants some more unconventional ones!

Raven's recent concern for pythons eating people had him so freaked out that we needed to reach out to a zoologist to know the real deal with pythons and people!

Nobody ever got hurt sitting around their house right? New statistics claim that sitting for long periods of time could be just as bad as smoking!

What advice would you give someone who’s about to graduate? Producer Sean has got some great financial advice that he wishes he’d followed!

Lots of people order a drink when they sit down on a plane, but according to Dr. Jennifer Wider, that could be a bad idea!

Raven, Producer Jon and Producer Sean are all fathers, so Anna came up with a game to determine which one of them can identify the most “dad sounds”!

Eric and Morgan were on vacation with their sons when their 14-year-old was messing around in a store and broke a vase. It cost them $68. Eric was so mad because he told him to stop messing around that he grounded him for two weeks when they returned home. Now that they’re home, Eric is following through, and Morgan thinks he needs to let it go. Two weeks being grounded at the beginning of summer break is excessive for one mistake. What do you think?

Keith has got a shot at $4600! All he has to do is beat Raven in pop culture trivia!