Hour 3: Tim Hasselbeck, Henry’s Comments, Phones (06-12-24)

Jun 12, 07:00 PM

In the final hour of Caroline, Willy, and D-Mase, Caroline and the guys chat with ESPN NFL Analyst Tim Hasselbeck. Tim was asked about the Titans and if he has any concerns about the team. Should Titans fans be worried about Will Levis this offseason or T’Vondre Sweat? Later in the conversation, Tim was asked about the defensive side of the ball. Is it better to build their defense or build your offense to outscore other teams? Let us know. Later in the hour, Derrick Henry made some comments about being with the Ravens and “it’s a breath of fresh air” for him. How do you take his comments? Let us know. Caroline and the guys responded to some calls and texts about the Titans.