Freddy Silva: PORTALS. An invitation to experience the extraordinary

Jun 13, 03:15 AM

"PORTALS is your opening in space and time to multiple levels of reality."

Freddy Silva is a bestselling author, leading researcher of ancient civilizations, restricted history, sacred sites and their interaction with consciousness, and the leading expert on crop circles. He is also a documentary filmmaker with 14 published titles.

He leads private tours to sacred sites worldwide. Be sure to add your name to his email list for the most current trip schedule. They sell out quickly.

Portals: Energetic Doorways to Mystical Experiences Between Worlds*, Amazon Affiliate Link

Summary Edit: Enhance your personal mystical experiences as Freddy shares how to interact directly with portals. Understand how to properly approach a portal and the importance of your expectations, timing, respect, and sympathetic resonance. Utilize this knowledge to access these powerful energetic doorways between worlds.

Documentary trailer: Portals. Vimeo Link

Talking with Freddy about his book, he opens up about some of his unique encounters at sacred sites and why he prefers to limit the size of his tour groups to facilitate the potential for a guest to have an intimate encounter in the energy of the space. He says portals are not limited to sacred spaces. He has one in his home. I would liked to have talked more with him about that. 

In another of Freddy's books, "Ancient texts refer to temples as living entities, intermediaries between matter and spirit that serve to transform people “into gods, into bright stars.” For over 12,000 years, various groups of sages have undertaken a task to built this global network of ‘self-help’ centers. Their aim? The transformation of every person on Earth." - THE DIVINE BLUEPRINT, Temples, power places, and the global plan to shape the human soul. Sample Chapter and Reviews: Link

Check out the updated version of the book that launched his career: Secrets In The Fields: The Science And Mysticism Of Crop Circles. 20th anniversary edition, Amazon Affiliate Link

Summary edit: Deeply informative and copiously illustrated, Secrets In The Fields remains the most authoritative book on crop circles, even after 20 years in print. This special 20th anniversary edition includes a synopsis of what has taken place since 2003.

"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are." - Carl Jung

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I mentioned Radionics. Freddy addresses this topic with his Crop Circle Resonance Cards. These cards can be used in Homeopathy and other water coding procedures, Applied Kinesiology, in Radionics devices and other radiesthesia techniques. And possibly many more.

This is the link for The Paper Doctor I couldn't think of during the interview. And this is one of the most interesting posts from a practitioner. I interviewed Duncan Laurie and he shared their posts with me. Incredibly informative. Link

*PORTALS: Energetic Doorways to Mystical Experiences Between Worlds is part of Common Sentience, an uncommon book series that brings the mystical into the mainstream: Website

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