News With My Fiancé - Thursday, June 13th 2024

Season 4, Episode 16,   Jun 13, 08:36 PM

  • Likes are Hidden on Twitter
  • Free AC Units
  • My People’s Market recap! S/O to the squad for coming through: Brooke, Kristen, Michelle and Ross! Crystal
  • Best of Portland voting! 
  • (36:45) Portland Public Schools Faces Backlash Over $30 Million Budget Cuts
  • (58:21) Oklahoma Supreme Court Dismisses Tulsa Race Massacre Survivors' Lawsuit


  • The Weeknd - I Feel It Coming
  1. (20:47) Smashing risisng.. Fiancé. NO.. Just no likes, NO social media. Seems like the likes was a fabulous way to profile someone.. The f***ing twit elons not smart enough Morning. Loves. P~Town Ps. Heal soon Rudo. ✨️
  2. (21:12) All these things we can do with technology.. Ugh, can we just have a community camp fire.✨️
  3. (21:28) Bella says morning
  4. (25:38) It's ok to be a Watcher.. lol
  5. (35:58) But who's watching the Antique road show.. this gal..
  6. (43:48) As well as defending public servicesSchools being one of them is a short sign. That funding is going more towards feeding WAR.. It's an intentional break down of the system to get rid of it.
  7. Ok let's go. Let's take 48.... finished
  8. (54:29)Is a pirate ship considered a yacht?Because I want one of those.
  9. (52:35) It will be a great day when public schools have all the funding they need, while the Heritage Foundation has to hold bake sales.
  10. (54:43) Thank you for being you. Low energy and all. This show is a great . Even on low energy days u are lifting folks up and educating.
  11. (54:57) By the way, vouchers have historically been unpopular with voters. When vouchers are on the ballot they always get defeated. Just like Big Government control of women's body, the only way the right can get what they want is by force and subterfuge. We The People are not on board with their agenda.
  12. Wow, just wow. Yep!! Today gets a NO!! the hole ass f***. Smh. Viola, I love your name.!! Sweet baby.
  13. (01:11:49) scotus always here to remind us that the only kinds of genocide we are allowed to think worthy of reparations are the ones whose stories can be twisted in favor of white empire.
  14. (01:15:26) I have personally known white people in the south who are still angry about the outcome of the Civil War, yet insist that black people "need to just get over slavery."
  15. (01:18:20) Hey feds, cover your eyes and ears. What 3 block radius do we start with now!?!
  16. (01:18:42) When will we get past the point that black and any people aren't for the disposable, to the other ones.
  17. Xoxoxoxoxox
  18. 48!!!!
  19. I'm done with this f***ing simulation.
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