Intense Cross-Examination and New Testimonies in Karen Read Murder Trial

Jun 14, 10:00 AM

The trial of Karen Read, accused of the second-degree murder of Boston Police Officer John O’Keefe, continued today with pivotal testimonies from key figures in the investigation. The courtroom saw dramatic moments as defense attorney Alan Jackson scrutinized the integrity of the investigative process led by Massachusetts State Police Trooper Michael Proctor and State Police Detective Lt. Brian Tully.
Testimony resumed with Massachusetts State Police Trooper Michael Proctor taking the stand. Proctor faced questioning about a group chat with eight high school friends, where he shared details of the investigation, including the victim's name. Proctor admitted that 16 hours into the investigation, he had concluded that Read was responsible for O’Keefe’s death, despite not having visited the crime scene or interviewed key witnesses. Defense attorney Alan Jackson highlighted this as evidence of Proctor's bias and lack of thoroughness.

**Defense Digs into ‘Unprofessional’ Texts**
Proctor was questioned about derogatory texts he sent about Karen Read, referring to her in dehumanizing terms. Jackson pointed out that these messages showed a preconceived notion of Read’s guilt, which Proctor denied, insisting that the investigation was guided by evidence.

**Gaps in State Police Investigation**
Jackson delved into investigative lapses, such as not reviewing all phone data or canvassing relevant areas for surveillance footage. Proctor acknowledged some gaps but defended his methods, stating they did not affect the investigation’s integrity. The defense pointed out Proctor’s early focus on Read, questioning whether other suspects were properly considered.

**Pressure on Medical Examiner**
Defense attorney Alan Jackson turned his questions to a report by the Chief Medical Examiner’s office in April 2022 that O’Keefe’s manner of death could not be determined. Proctor texted another state trooper about the medical examiner’s determination: “Of course it’s undetermined. She’s a whack job.” Jackson pressed Proctor about attempting to get the medical examiner to rule O’Keefe’s death as a homicide, which Proctor denied.

**Questions About Trooper Proctor’s Relationship with the Albert Family**
The defense focused on potential conflicts of interest, questioning Proctor about his sister’s friendship with witness Julie Albert and their communication during the investigation. Jackson presented text messages indicating a close relationship and alleged that Proctor used his sister as an intermediary. Proctor denied any conflict of interest, asserting that his professional conduct remained intact.
Jackson highlighted gaps in the investigation and questioned Proctor’s impartiality and thoroughness. The defense attorney suggested that Proctor had a preconceived narrative and did not thoroughly investigate other potential suspects. Proctor reiterated that the investigation was conducted with the utmost integrity and that evidence pointed solely to Read.

**Detective Lt. Brian Tully Takes the Stand**
State Police Detective Lt. Brian Tully, the unit commander for the Norfolk County state police detective unit, provided crucial testimony. Tully recounted receiving a call at 7 a.m. on Jan. 29, 2022, from Sgt. Yuri Bukhenik regarding Officer John O’Keefe's critical condition. Recognizing the gravity due to O’Keefe’s status as an active Boston police officer, Tully coordinated with then-Canton Police Chief Kenneth Berkowitz and Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey. They collectively decided that state police would lead the investigation to avoid any conflicts of interest, with Canton police offering support and resources.

Prosecutor Adam Lally questioned Tully about inappropriate text messages sent by Trooper Proctor, expressing displeasure and admonishing Proctor for his conduct. The jury was shown photos of evidence collected, including O’Keefe’s shoe and pieces of plastic found at the scene.
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