Stories of Amiga OS Development with Randell Jesup - The Retro Hour EP433

Episode 433,   Jun 14, 01:22 AM

We chat with Randell Jesup, former Senior Software Engineer at Commodore-Amiga

This week, we chat with Randell Jesup, former Senior Software Engineer at Commodore Amiga Inc. From his pioneering work with 80's online gaming platform PlayNET and the revolutionary Amiga OS. Discover how PlayNET evolved into Quantum Link and AOL, the challenges of developing high-performance drivers, and the innovative spirit that drove Amiga's success. 

00:00 - The Week's Retro News Stories
39:15 - Randell Jesup Interview

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Show notes

Lost Atari game brought back to life:
The Thing remaster:
USB to 3DO driver:
New beat 'em up Deadly Metropolis:
Rare Xbox in Charity Shop: