Russ Mould: Never Fall in Love with a Stock

Episode 2613,   Jun 18, 05:37 PM

Russ Mould Investment Directors explains why the London Stock Market is the biggest in Europe again and why it's likely to stay there for some time. He also warns investors to never fall in love with a stock. If you want to make money in the stock market, you have to avoid these two mistakes. Investors who lose money in the stock market always make these mistakes. They are relatively easy to correct. See the video below called: Investors Avoid These Two Mistakes. My name is Justin Waite, I am a UK based private investor who specialises in microcap stocks (stock with a market capitalisation of £100m). I also run The Sharepickers Investment Club which aims to teach people how to invest, or to help current investors to improve their skill. My 3-step, WHAT, WHEN, HOW strategy helps people avoid the most common investors mistakes. I also host a live weekly webinar to cover potential investment ideas and various aspects of investing. Each company looked at is analysed across 20 metrics, then scored, coloured coded and ranked on the MicroCap League. Members of The SharePickers Investment Club also receive Justin’s investment book: How to become a Microcap Millionaire - A 3 Step Strategy to Stock Market Success It teaches you: WHAT are the best UK stocks to invest into using fundamental analysis WHEN is the very best time to invest using technical analysis HOW to manage your investments using portfolio management In the book Justin explains how his Stocks and Share ISA went from £30,115 in 2009 to £2,751,467 on the 1st May 2021. On the website there’s also videos on how to learn about fundamental analysis and technical analysis. To get 20% off your membership to the SharePickers Investment Club go to and sign up for my free cheat sheet.