BE REAL WITH YOURSELF - Will Smith Best Motivational Speech.

Season 6, Episode 8,   Oct 03, 2021, 08:00 PM

Anytime you look outside yourself to determine your value, your looking in the wrong place.
Look inside you. You know your worth. Your value is inside you.
Nobody can take it away from you. Nobody can take it away because it's yours.
When you look to others for validation or signs of significance, you weaken yourself. They don't know you. You know you.
When you want approval from others, you weaken your resolve.
When you need approval from others, you go further from your truth.
When you need approval from others, you do things for the wrong reasons.
Your value is in you. Know your worth. Don't let anyone ever tear you down. Build yourself back up. Don't let other people put their self-doubt inside you. It's their not yours.
Let go of limiting beliefs and grab onto hope. Trust.
You can't ask for something new and expect nothing to change. Let go of the doubts that hold you back. Let go of fears that consume. Let go of needing others' approval.
Within you right now is all that you need to accomplish what you want. In you right now is all you need to be happy and prosperous.
When something you don't like happens, negative limiting and draining energy will bring you down.
Now you must lift your energy back up. Don't let stress have its way with you.
When something doesn't feel right.
When you feel heavy.
When people's words make you feel bad. Run. Leave.
They don't Determine your Worth. You do.
Protect your value. Don't let other people's negativity lead you astray.
You can clear your energy through your mind. When someone or something puts doubt or fear in you, turn it into hope.
Your thoughts are powerful. You are powerful.
Some days you will need extra motivation. Say inspiring thoughts to yourself every day. Alter how you think.
Your thoughts create your future.
Turn doubt into hope
Turn fear into a belief
Turn resentment into love.
You create the future you deserve. Nobody else does
You're on the right track.
Don't let doubt bring you down.
Don't let others' doubt make you hide.
Trust yourself.
Trust your value.
Know your worth.
Immerse yourself in patience. Keep believing in yourself.
Your mind is powerful. Everything happens because of your thoughts.
That's why you need to believe in yourself.
You limit yourself through your thoughts. You define your future because of your thoughts.
Protect your thoughts.
Deny negative people in your life.
Do things that inspire you. Believe in yourself today.
Chose to experience something different. Life is full of possibilities. Forget what others tell you. Tell yourself how important you are.
Tell others about your dreams. Believe in yourself; feel your power. Know your worth.
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