Episode 91: Public Transit Investment & Pragmatic Progressivism w/ Democratic State Rep. Jason Morgan

Episode 139,   Jun 20, 03:05 PM

Here's Episode 91 of Michigan's premier progressive podcast!

00:00-16:12--Pat congratulates Michigan Democratic Attorney General Dana Nessel on a major court victory for those fighting to shut down the Line 5 oil pipeline at the bottom of the Straits of Mackinac. Nessel successfully argued to have the case sent back to the state, giving Line 5 owner, Enbridge, a major setback as it tried to have the case heard in federal court. Here's the thing: it's a states' rights issue! Also, failed MAGA Republican AG candidate, and the criminally indicted, Matt DePerno announces his run for the Michigan Supreme Court. It's a prerequisite nowadays for Republicans to be indicted in order to run for office! But criminal activity is part of the MAGA game as one of Dear Leader Trump's spiritual advisors admitted he molested a 12-year old girl. It doesn't matter to MAGA, though, because gaining complete power is what they crave to enact their MAGA White Christian Nationalist "Project 2025" agenda.

16:42-35:22-- Michigan Democratic State Representative Jason Morgan on his "Make It In Michigan" bill package that would divert millions of dollars from a corporate slush fund into investments in public transit, affordable housing, and community revitalization. He also gives his definition of "pragmatic progressivism."Rep. Morgan's 23rd House District comprises of parts of Ann Arbor, South Lyon, Salem, Plymouth and Northville. 

36:10-42:20--"Last Call" on Democratic Representatives Dylan Wegela and Emily Dievendorf's counter proposal to the Make It Michigan package, which diverts more money from the corporate slush fund to affordable housing. Pat believes this is progressives actually negotiating with some strength. 

42:45-43:44: Ending, including the new weekly Left of Lansing Twitter Poll on whether or not Trump appears at next week's presidential debate against Joe Biden.

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