Life behind the numbers: Safeguarding your child's education and health

Jun 20, 03:33 PM

Welcome to "Life behind the Numbers," a Discovery Life podcast series. 

Host, Maya Fisher-French, together with experts from Discovery Life, delve into the latest trends from Discovery Life claims research, highlighting the need for both physical and financial protection against various risks.

In this episode, we tackle a topic often overlooked: the importance of child cover and the financial implications of unexpected events affecting our children. Joined by Kashmeera Kanji, Head of Market Analytics and R&D, and Sylvia Steyn, Head of Claims and Servicing, we explore how child insurance can protect against the high costs associated with severe childhood illnesses whilst providing for education costs. 

Kashmeera and Sylvia share insights on the hidden costs that medical schemes don't cover, such as taking time off work, home adaptations, and special schooling. We discuss real-life examples, like claims for childhood cancers, and the benefits of automatic child severe illness and parent care benefits.

We also examine the significance of protecting your child's educational future and how Discovery Life's Global Family Coverage and the Global Education Protector benefit ensure that your child's education is funded, even if you are no longer able to provide for it. 

Sylvia highlights the unique University Funder benefit, which rewards parents for engaging in Vitality by contributing to their child's education costs.

Finally, we explore the importance of diversifying risk cover, including options for overseas education through the Discovery Dollar Life Plan and the Dollar Global Education Protector. These plans offer higher limits and cover the comprehensive costs of international education, providing peace of mind for parents.

To learn more about how comprehensive life insurance can protect you and your family, visit the "Covering What You Care About" section on the Discovery Magazine Smart Money Hub at You'll find a wealth of resources to strengthen your financial footing. For more details on Discovery Life's full range of cover benefits, speak directly to a Discovery certified financial advisor.

This podcast was sponsored by Discovery Life.