E166 - D-Day80 Part 3 Block D to Bocage

Jun 21, 12:00 AM

June 2024 
To commemorate the 80th Anniversary of D-Day, we are releasing 3 special episodes to tell the full story of The Longest Day. This third part is a brand new episode looking beyond the beaches.

Bletchley Park made a vital contribution to the planning and preparation of D-Day, but the landings were only the beginning. There would be another three months of hard fighting in Normandy before the German forces finally cracked, and France could be liberated.

Ultra intelligence from Bletchley Park gave crucial support to Allied commanders throughout the battle. But knowledge rarely translated directly into action. Those generals and airmen faced with the mammoth task of orchestrating a modern all-arms battle had to balance numerous competing priorities, of which intelligence was rarely the most important.

In this episode, Research Officer Dr Thomas Cheetham has delved into the detail of five turning points, to explore exactly how – and how far – Bletchley Park contributed to Allied victory in the Battle of Normandy.

Many thanks to Joel Desborough for playing the part of our RAF SLU Officer.

Image: ©Bletchley Park Trust 2024

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