Jun 24, 01:21 PM

"In creating this soundtrack, I ventured into new territory by using the ambient noise of life itself rather than the melodic/percussive elements I'm typically drawn to. 
The sounds of random conversations, church bells ringing, bustling restaurants, and children screaming form the foundation of this piece. 

"As I listened to these layers of sound, two words echoed in my mind: chaos and loneliness. The chaos is evident, an overwhelming cacophony of urban life. 
But beneath that, there's a deeper sense of loneliness. This isn't immediately obvious, but it became clear as I delved into the sounds. 

"I envisioned a middle-aged indigenous man visiting the town where he grew up. What was once a tranquil village surrounded by nature has transformed into a bustling, noisy city. This man, overwhelmed by the constant noise, searches for pockets of quiet, only to find himself once again engulfed by the city's sounds — crowds, street musicians, relentless urban life. Amidst the throngs of people, he feels profoundly alone, a stranger in the place he once called home. He realizes that his heart still clings to the memory of the serene village, a place filled with calm and loving people. 

"In his moments of being overwhelmed, he finds solace in a simple act: playing a native flute. The repetitive phrases he plays transport him back to his childhood. He envisions a flowing river, hears the sweet melodies of singing birds, smells the fresh bread his mother baked, and listens to his father's voice as he chats with a neighbor. 
Each note from his flute takes him back to a place of loving order, where nature's rhythms reigned supreme over the chaos of modern life. 

"I chose to title this soundtrack "Samsara," a word that means "cycle of life". 
This title perfectly encapsulates the journey within the music — a cycle of chaos and solitude, returning to memories of peace and belonging. It reflects the man's experience of moving through the noisy chaos of the present back to the quiet harmony of his past, illustrating the cyclical nature of life and memory. This soundtrack captures that journey — a poignant blend of chaotic noise and the haunting beauty of memory. It's a story of finding peace and belonging amidst the relentless din of the present, a reminder that within the chaos, there lies a path back to the tranquility of our roots."

Piazza San Marco, Venice reimagined by micca.