Meet the Founders of GreyLabs AI

Episode 193,   Jun 20, 11:19 AM


The founders of a leading speech analytics platform for financial institutions, GreyLabsAI, Aman Goel and Harshita Srivastava, take us through the journey of identifying their market, building the product, and distributing it over the past few years. Setting up an AI business in India might seem a bit earlier than recommended, but is it?

This episode of Matrix Moments unpacks the nitty-gritty of a young AI startup.  

📍 Identifying a meaningful problem  
Customer service chats are recorded to be analysed later. GreyLabsAI helps large enterprises with analysing this data. The problem proves to be quite meaningful for enterprises.

🤝 Collaboration among co-founders
They stress on how compatible traits and mutual trust are necessary among co-founders. It allows them to create clear boundaries. While Harshita builds the product, Aman handles the business aspect of GreyLabsAI.

🌏 India or USA?
Working for American clients while living in India brings a larger risk from companies functioning completely in the States. Aman and Harshita chose India as the base for their company as well as their market.

🦾 Is it too early for an AI start-up?
While Harshita sees the opportunity NOW as the technology is reasonably mature to solve real-world problems but hasn’t been explored yet, Aman believes that it’s the right time to gain the trust of the customers.

✨ Distribution in a new market.
Although Financial enterprises have a lot of tech spending, it’s necessary to establish trust. Furthermore, one can analyse more customer problems and solve them with new products.

Harshita says, “It is said that sometimes little things happen in decades and sometimes decades happen in little time.”

If you’re a founder exploring the potential of AI products in India, this episode of Matrix Moments will give you pointed insights on various aspects of building and distributing young technology in India.