The Park+ Playbook for Early Stage Hires

Episode 193,   Jun 24, 03:20 PM


Founded in 2019, Park+ drove through various challenges and introduced a plethora of services to find its footing today. However, it always had one clearly defined goal - to make car ownership easy and hassle-free. Park+ Founder and CEO Amit Lakhotia takes us through his interesting ways of building the team at Park+ in this episode of Matrix Moments.  

-Amit mentions how hiring when the startup is going from 0-to-1 is different as compared to when it's at 1-to-10 and why getting a good Talent Acquisition Head is essential for any startup. 

-0-to-1: At this stage, a startup needs people who can deal with ambiguity and are naturally inclined toward solving problems.  

-1-to-10: This is the stage where a more disciplined team is required since the answers are already figured out. 

-Amit has an interesting way of training leaders. He hires people with 4-8 years of experience to work in the founder's office for six months and understand how each department works. Later, they’re allocated to a specific department. 

Amit says, “We are not going to randomly hire, we are not going to randomly fire.”

His conscious hiring method has helped find the right folks to bring on board. This has helped with solving new consumer problems, leading Park+ to offer services like issuing FASTag, car washing, parking, challan, and more. 

If you’re a founder stepping into an untapped territory, this episode of Matrix Moments will provide you with meaningful insights.