Courting Disaster

Jul 04, 12:38 PM

Former Rep Adam Kinzinger joins the group (plus Chris Cillizza) to discuss the Court's worst ruling since Korematsu, opening the door to God know what if Trump wins. Also, what would an open convention look like?

Highlights / Lowlights:

Mona: Are We in ‘Soviet America’? Not Even Close. By Cathy Young, The Bulwark

Linda: Her trip to Israel, where she was recording.

Adam: Cara Mund, a sincere Never Trump candidate who ran (and lost, but got 19%!) in North Dakota. Adam joined her on her radio show to discuss the state of the Republican Party

Chris: Gabe Fleisher's Wake up to Politics. Gabe has been writing about politics since he was a child and is a politics prodigy. (Substack here)

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