What role could and should young people play within museums? Richelle & Alice Museum of London Junction youth panel members share their views.

Jun 26, 2012, 07:28 PM, City of London, London, United Kingdom

What role could and should young people play within museums? The Museum of London might have the answer. Over the last 3 years it has enabled young people to reinvent the Roman London gallery. Through films, sculpture, audio-visual displays and objects from 21st century life, audiences will be able to discover how Roman London still lives on in today’s modern capital.

 Our Londinium 2012 is the largest update to the Museum’s Roman gallery since it opened in 1994 and explores the parallels between Roman London and today’s modern capital and young people's involvement has been at the heart of this development. 

The young people curating the exhibition are part of Junction, the Museum of London’s youth panel. Members of Junction worked closely with Museum of London staff to choose objects, write text panels and create audio-visual content. Other young people from a number of partner organisations across London have created artistic content for the exhibition.

Our Londinium 2012 is part of London 2012 Cultural Olympiad programme Stories of the World which has seen young people around the country get involved with creative projects within their local museums.

In this audioboo interview Jude Habib speaks to Alice and Richelle two members of Junction to find out about the crucial role young people played in the development of Our Londinium 2012. #museums #roman #museumoflondon

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