Trent montage

Episode 478,   Jun 28, 2012, 06:00 PM

A fifteen minute dash through the life of Radio Trent, drawing on assorted random clips to illustrate the sound of the UK's 13th commercial radio station. If you lived in Nottingham in the '70s and '80s, this may chime. If you didn't, it likely won't.

My full, indulgent memories of Trent - and more audio - are explored in the blog at

Meanwhile, on this audio, hear in order:

John Peters' Jeff Cooper promo and Jeff himself; Kid Jensen, Pete Wagstaff; Martin Campbell; Chris Baird; Steve Merike; Guy Morris; Len Groat; Chris Ashley; Peter Tait; Tina Hill; Len Groat; Dale Winton; Terry Thorne (VO); John Peters; Tony Lyman (with Chris Burns giggling); Graham Knight; Steve Merike; Al Bailey (VO); David Lloyd; Paul Robey; Chris Theobald (VO), David Lloyd (harangued by John Peters); Dave Newman; Steve Merike telling of Dick Stone; Bill Bingham; Gary Burton; Ted May (VO); John Shaw; Peter Tait; Lee Peck; Tony Lyman; Rob Wagstaff; Greg Marston (VO); Andy Miller; Jo and Twiggy.