0193 Senior Cheerleaders

Jul 06, 2012, 04:36 PM, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

Japan's Bubble Economy is so last century. These days the atmosphere is what you might call gloomy what with a growing budget deficit, a graying population and a grave job market. So what can a concerned citizen to do to really make a tangible difference? Cheerlead. That's right. Japanese cheerleading squads are taking their chin up cheers to the streets. One squad, called Japan Pom Pom, is made up of women 60 or older. Their founder is, in fact, 78 and their combined ages exceed 1500 years. In silver wigs and shiny red costumes studded with sequins, the senior squad dances and waves gold pom poms to lighten the mood and bring fun to those who see them. So all together now: gimme a J…gimme an A…gimme a P…gimme another A…gimme an N. Goooooo Japan! #ceas #hacker #japan

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