UDA leader calls on Orange Order to abandon return parades to defuse tensions on the streets during the Twelfth


Should the Orange Order abandon return parades to defuse tension around the Twelfth? With only 72 hours before thousands of Orangemen march to mark the battle of the Boyne top UDA leader Jackie McDonald has called for parades to be one way only.

The loyalist leader's comments, made to the Belfast Telegraph, come just days after the Parades Commission ruled that the contentious Orange parade past Ardoyne shopfronts must pass the sectarian interface by 4 o'clock in the afternoon. There's been rioting in the area on the Twelfth in the last few years. #bbcnolan #twelfth #orangeorder

Jul 09, 2012, 08:23 AM, Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
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tbtid - about 5 years ago

what alot of crap who gives him the right to speak for us im sure the shankill/ upper north belfast will not be happy about him trying to run there areas he should think of the past and our cultural heritage. They dont even walk past 1 republican street its just a row of shops if they stayed in their own houses they wouldnt even no the parade was passing take ur head out of the sand jackie and support the loyalist people you beleive you represent instead of selling us down the river for ur own gain.


Blackneck - about 5 years ago

Have ya ever heard such crap from this balloon who profess's to be a loyalist . Makes me almost ashamed to associatte him with loyalism !!! It may have escaped his attention but to come out with such retric in regards to a one way parade would have his fore fathers revolving in their graves , cant he see that to move in that direction would be yet another notch for the handful of so called nationalist groups who GO OUT OF THEIR WAY 15 minutes a year to be offended !!! ... Perhaps Jackie Mc Duh should stick to the hotel business instead of comming out with such tripe !!!