Radio Victory launch - 1975

Jul 14, 2012, 04:09 PM

Those of a certain age can recite the names of the UK's first 19 commercial stations, a little bit like you remember those useful lists one learnt at school.

Radio Victory was one of them, bouncing on air on the 14th October, 1975. Like so many of the first tranche, it attracted a healthy audience and much local love, not least for it striking the right chord when so many in its TSA were affected by the Falklands War. It also was a victim of the contagious strife so typical of those perilous early days in the UK's nascent commercial radio sector, not eased by its comparatively small TSA.

Its life was short, being one of very few stations sacrificed by the then regulator, the IBA. After its franchise was not renewed, it went off air on 28 June 1986, to be replaced by Ocean Sound, serving a larger area.