Blur Memories

We want your Blur memories to use on air for our very special Maida Vale show on July 31st with live music, chat and unearthed archives with Damon, Alex, Graham and Dave....

Jul 18, 2012, 03:36 PM, London, Greater London, England
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ellacoquine - about 5 years ago

Hahaha! Okay, so it's not just me. Thank you.

Yes, Blur are still great. BBC6? Hmmmm...not on board. : )


MrMagpie - about 5 years ago

LOL, I was thinking the same thing. I was one of the first comments on here and I also sent a bunch of audio to them that I think they ended up using in the 6 Music special. Oh well, Blur are still great.


ellacoquine - about 5 years ago

Were Americans discriminated? None of our stories were shared. Too funny! I guess everyone does hate us!


__thelucid - about 5 years ago

Can't get the damn audio thing to work so sent message directly to BBClamacqshow. Below is the transcription (ish):


This is Jamie from Bournemouth.

Blur are a particularly important band for me as they were the first ever band I saw live. It was the 3rd of December '95 at Wembley Arena and I was 16... I remember being right up the front and just hanging on for dear life!

There were hamburgers and Ultranol pills handing from the set and the energy on stage was immense. I went on to see them at the RDS stadium in Dublin, a few gigs in Bournemouth and more recently their reunion gigs at Hyde Park.

For me, Popscene live is something everyone should experience. I've not seen a band since who come close to the sheer energy they give of on stage. Some of the other key songs live are Tracy Jacks, She's So High, There's No Other Way, Advert, Bank Holiday, This is A Low, all of 'em.

A lot changes in 16 years, friend's jobs and relationships but Blur's music has always played a key role ever since that first gig... So I'm all prepped for Plymouth and Hyde Park in a couple of weeks and just hope there's more to come.




MrMagpie - about 5 years ago

I did as well! It's about seeing them in Boston in 2003 at the Avalon.


Liese - about 5 years ago

I see I forgot to name my comment below - it's about Blur's reunion gig at the East Anglian Railway Museum near Colchester.