Dale Winton - Mayday 1982 - Trent

Episode 514,   Jul 29, 2012, 09:46 AM

Dale Winton arrived at Trent with the objective of becoming a star. He was yet another of a talented bunch from UBN, the successful station broadcasting to the United Biscuits factories; back then a key training ground for a young commercial radio industry.

Dale's first Trent show was aired on 6th August 1977. Dale graduated through the schedule, eventually ending up at a fitting home mid-morning, where he excelled. I remember him outlining to me exactly the life he aspired; and, in an almost eerie fashion, he has achieved every detail of that vision. Like many with clear ambition, he behaved back then as if his vision were already true - and that is maybe the secret.

As a rookie, I was summoned to segue for him as he disappeared from the mid-morning studio to attend to whatever needed doing. Women loved him, and he treated every caller (not least in his 'Dial Dale' segments!) in the way that made them feel special. There was little show preparation (like most pop radio back then!); Dale relied on his personality, show energy, and a big smile. Nottingham took him to their hearts.

Here he is, and a telescope of a May Bank Holiday show in 1982. This is Dale at his 'pop best' and typical of the era: little substance or science, simply pure, natural, enjoyable, energy and feelgood. Hear too, for the anoraks, Trent Alfasound jingles package 1-3 in context.

Have a good day now.

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