Blogger Jeff Peel dismisses the London 2012 Games as 'Olympic Piffle'.

Aug 10, 2012, 09:13 AM, City of Westminster, Greater London, England

So, hands up who's been enjoying the Olympics? It's a nationwide festival of sporting celebration, after all. But not everyone is loving the party. Blogger Jeffrey Peel is fed up with what he calls "Olympic piffle". He's not a fan of sport and even thinks the Olympics have made the UK a bit less friendly. He's not impressed by Sir Chris Hoy's six Gold Medals either, saying: "I find it bizarre that he has been knighted for pedalling a push-bike in a circle." Jeff Peel and columnist Michael Shilliday, who was on Twitter denouncing Jeff's comments as "bitter" and "miserly" discuss the pros and cons of this year's Olympic Games.