Diary of an intern

Aug 15, 2012, 09:23 PM, London, Greater London, England

It is never too late to turn your life around, I left school at an early age and had unskilled jobs, finally one day in the restaurant where I was working I had my epiphany and realised if I didn't do something straight away about my lack of qualifications I would be stuck there forever. Four years later, I have a great job and just waiting for the results of my M.A. which I took at Goldsmiths. I have had the best time of my life and I feel as if something so fundamentally important has been given back to me. My education. All this after the death of my lovely son Richie who was 12, this is my tribute to him

#education #maturestuden #lewishamcollege #lambethcollege #qualifications #internship #job


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sm2n - about 5 years ago

OMG that's brilliant well done!


omaniblog - about 5 years ago

Congratulations Delores - a featured Boo - fantastic


Delores - about 5 years ago

Tears in my eyes. I love you don't let anyone ever say that you can't make friends on the web.xxxx


markrock - about 5 years ago

She's utterly mad. Give it a few weeks...

(but don't ever tell her she's brillaint)


omaniblog - about 5 years ago

Thanks to PilgrimChris for alerting me to this lovely Audioboo. Looking forward to dropping in to HQ some day. I have fond memories of the welcome last time. Good luck Delores


PilgrimChris - about 5 years ago

Wonderful boo! Congratulations Delores :-)